Are You Thinking of Selling On Amazon?

In Amazon by Gary Reid

Are your looking to sell your products on Amazon? Here is a few effective tips & techniques to help you to optimize your product pages.

When I think “Amazon”, I immediately associate it with books! I bought my first book online from Amazon. I continue to purchase books today, although I now download most of them to my kindle as I’m on the go quite alot and love the flexibility the kindle offers. But Amazon is now much more than that. It is not only one of the top digital shopping destinations, but has become a major search engine for product-related searches. The majority of my product searches are now completed on Amazon. While Google is great for a plethora of searches when it comes to products, Amazon is where the buck stops.

So if you have a product range you think is worthy of selling on the monster that is Amazon, you need to have two things: a great product that actually sells and a well-optimized product page so consumers can find it. To create highly optimized product pages, you need to treat and optimize them like any other web page and start out with strong keyphrase research to understand what your customers are looking for.

When creating an Amazon keyphrase strategy, there’s a ton of value in your existing website search data, so start there. A huge majority of searches on Amazon are product and brand related. For example, If I’m looking “photography tips” or “best camera for night shots”, I’ll go to Google. Amazon searches are more targeted or what we call “Buyer Keywords” such as “Nikon camera”, “camera lenses” and “camera equipment”. So we will ignore the “information hunter” keywords and stick to “Buyer” keywords.

If you are just starting or thinking about selling your product on Amazon, A great way to find relevant Amazon terms is to use the autosuggest menu. Remember the well-converting long-tail search? The data from the autosuggest drop-down can help you find these top terms, as well. Just start with a few product terms, and you’ll build a full list in no time.