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Are you and your dental practice reaching as many millennials as you should? They’ve grown up now, matured, and are a force to be reckoned with and they spend more time online than any other generation to date. These should be your patients today, but you need to reach them where they hang out!

According to marketing company Koeppel Direct, millennials spend a massive eighteen hours per day consuming digital media. That includes news, music, television, work and social are all online.

So it comes as no surprise that they spend almost a third of their time on social media, with over 5 hours a day on such platforms as Facebook and Twitter. If your practice isn’t right there beside them, you could be missing out on what could be your next wave of “bread and butter” patients!

Many dentists and most businesses for that matter view social media with distrust and unease, but these platforms could be your direct path to your most valuable demographic. The larger medical community for the most part has embraced social media with nearly 60% of physicians agreeing social media to be positive and useful. It’s now time for dentists to get on board. Millennials in particular are becoming more and more likely to use social platforms to become educated about their health, and you need to be there when they need help. Here’s a few stats that might convince you;

  • More than 40% of consumers overall say that information found via social media affects how they deal with their health, according to (Source: MediaBistro). Dental professionals have an obligation to create educational content to be shared across their websites, blogs and social media that will help accurately inform consumers.
  • A huge 90% of respondents between the age of 18 and 24 say that they would trust medical information shared by people on their social media networks, according to (Source: Search Engine Watch). A millennial’s network on social media is a group of people that is well trusted online, which again, presents an opportunity to connect with them as a health care professional in a new and authentic way.
  • Almost as good, 60% of social media users are more likely to trust posts by medical professionals over any other group, according to a report by Infographic Archives.
  • Finally, nearly 20% of smartphone owners now have a health based app on their phones, according to (Source: Demi & Cooper Advertising and DC Interactive Group). This statistic doesn’t mean every Dental practice should have their own app, but they should have a strong mobile focus across their marketing.

Social media can be a powerful tool but only when used correctly, and in tune with your target demographic’s behavioral tactics.

Here is 3 Simple Tips To Get You Started!

  1. Start conversations, ask questions, request feedback and input. Be there with answers of your own, when needed, but let users drive the content creation. That way other viewers see it as unbiased and trustworthy.
  2. Go mobile. Your website needs to be accessible and mobile friendly. Smartphones are quickly overtaking PC’s & desktop computers as the primary form of internet access, so take this opportunity to be there for them!
  3. Use Visuals. Millennials are more visual than almost any generation so far with Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest being interaction hotspots for image based content. 9 in 10 millennials use social media sites, 8 in 10 post their own photos to the web, and 1 in 3 Pinterest users is a millennial female.

We can no longer ignore the millennials, reaching out to them and building those trust filled relationships should start now. By showing that you are comfortable in their world, you can invite them into your own!

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