Mobile Advertising Accounts For One Third Of Digital Spend

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Mobile now takes €1 in every €3 spent on digital advertising and mobile ads in Ireland grew 132% last year, according to new figures IAB and PwC.

Mobile advertising grew by 132 per cent last year as the Irish advertising market followed consumers to smartphone devices. Irish digital advertising grew 34 per cent last year to a high of €263 million with further exponential forecast for the coming years.

Paid-for search advertising has grown by 43 per cent year-on-year and remains the dominant digital format. Paid-for search accounts for 52 per cent of total online adspend at €137 million. €99 million was spent on digital display ads, up 35 per cent while display ads account for 38 per cent of total digital spend driven mainly by social media platforms such as Facebook & Twitter.

Growth in the display category was driven by the strong performance of display ads on social media platforms, with this adspend increasing 108 per cent to €28.5 million, and in expenditure on digital video ads, which swelled 63 per cent to €14.3 million.

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